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In this series, we sat down with real guys who are changing what work looks like today - from the jobs they do to the places they call their office. This is what the modern hustle looks like.

Zach Houghton

Zach Houghton travels light. As the founder of Passion Passport, Zach spends most of his time creating experiential campaigns for brand and tourism boards that share the transformative power of travel. When packing, durable khakis are always a must because a life on the road requires clothing that can function no matter what comes his way, be it formal or laid-back.

Q: How did you get started?

A: Travel has always been a part of my life. My parents met on a bus in Guatemala while my dad was living there writing his first travel book. That exposure to different cultures started at a really young age for me.

Q: Describe a typical work day.

A: There is no typical work day. It depends on what I'm working on and where I am in the world. Usually it starts early, with a workout before 7. Then coffee, and then riding my bike into work, checking in with my team, and getting to work.


“The day often takes on a life of its own and sometimes you can’t even predict what is going to happen.”

Snapshots of Zach's travels

Q: What motivates you?

A: I'm motivated by encouraging other people to take themselves out of their comfort zone. It's different for everyone. But I like putting people in a place where they can test their limits and also take on creative projects and pursuits that they would have not otherwise have had.

Q: What's your style preference?

A: I've always been a fan of clothes that can travel with me to any corner of the world and function effortlessly in those environments. I never want to bring too much with me and I want stuff that's going to last for a long time.

Q: Why khakis?

A: Khakis can be formal or laid back, and they pair well with anything. Whether a business meeting or coffee with a friend, I can easily throw on a pair of khakis.

Zach standing beside a wall wearing Downtime khaki, Chambray Shirt and white sneakers

“My personal style is framed around high utility and high durability. I want clothes that are going to travel with me to every corner of the world and function effortlessly in those environments—that’s incredibly important to me.”

Zach riding a bike wearing Downtime khaki, Chambray Shirt and white sneakers