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Men's Pants Bottoms

  • $0-$50
  • 36″ length
  • 48″ waist
$49.99 $76.00

From khakis to chinos, Dockers® defines classic. Since 1986, our styles have evolved to encompass contemporary trends while maintaining the same level of comfort and quality that our apparel has always embodied. Many of our products — including our men’s chinos — are created using Water<Less®, our specialized technique that uses less H2O to create your favorite styles. We also use fabric made from recycled materials to do our part in protecting the environment. So now you can feel good in more ways than one when wearing your straight-fit shorts or Big and Tall khakis.

Our men’s chinos aren’t just pants. They’re your wingman and best accessory (besides your smile, of course). Our chino pants were designed with the durability to help you stride through life with ease. That’s why they’re equipped with things like flexible waistbands, zip flies and our Smart 360™ 4-day stretch fabric. We’ve even reinvented the pocket to help you do more with your space. The slanted design means you can fit your phone, wallet, keys and even your favorite pack of gum for that post-meal fix. Our chinos even have hidden security pockets for safe storage and a waist seam coin catch pocket for a classic detail that can’t be missed. Think of each compartment like your personal carry-on, just without the extra baggage. 

Chinos are known for being khaki’s more casual cousin, but that’s not to say they can’t be a contender for every occasion, too. Pair them with a plain tee for summer barbecues or a crew-neck sweater for winter holiday parties. Accessorize with leather loafers for weekdays and white sneakers for weekends. Whether you prefer slim, straight, tapered or Big and Tall, our chino pants are the perfect fit — so you can feel comfortable and confident all year long. The concealed stitching and clean finish means you can even go from desk to date night without running home and changing. You’ll thank us later. 

Here at Dockers®, we know you’re a man on the move with more important things to do than separating your laundry and waiting for your pants to air-dry. That’s why our chinos can be machine-washed inside out with similar colors and tumble-dried on medium heat. Save time and cross another item off your to-do list so you can take on the world (or just get through the day). 

Choose from an array of colors, waist sizes and lengths to complement your individual style, mood or even your favorite shirt. Regardless of your choice, our business casual-ready chinos will make you look like a cool guy — without looking like you tried too hard. So, whether you’re looking for men’s chinos pants that taper at the ankle or a pair that sits below the waist, find your perfect fit with Dockers®. 

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