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Since 1986, the Dockers® brand has been proving that khaki pants are as essential as it gets for guys looking to stay on-point without looking overdone. From an office staple to a party wingman and beyond, our men’s pants — spanning the khakis, joggers, shorts and trousers for men you know and love — are the perfect complement to any and every look you might need.

The khaki pant you’re used to actually comes from India; there, British military officers, wanting to keep it lightweight while blending into the surrounding territory, developed khaki as we know it. It was adopted by sailors and shore men across the globe, who loved its utilitarian construction and material.
After the khaki hung back for a few decades, Dockers® rose to fame by bringing Casual Fridays — and with it, casual khaki pant for men — global. Believe it or not, before we came along, it was suits, suits, suits inside most offices around the world. It was that fateful push toward making at least one day of the week easier to dress for that made us a household name. And to this day, guys around the world use Dockers® and khakis interchangeably.

We might not take ourselves completely seriously, but we take khakis as seriously as can be. That’s why we’re the leaders in thoughtful detailing, artful construction, perfect fit, and fabric innovation that you have to feel to believe. Everything we do — from special closures that make our waistbands slimmer than the next guy’s, to proprietary fabrics that allow you to move like never before, keep you from getting overheated, and wick that moisture like a boss — stems from a commitment to making your life easier through which style of men’s pants you choose to wear.

That’s why we’re so fully synonymous with khaki pants for men. And why we’ll always be cool with it. Our khakis, joggers, shorts and trousers are a cornerstone of any and every guy’s style toolkit. That’s because these pants look good with anything. Have a big meeting or a big night out? Try pairing them with a button-up and some semi-formal kicks. Hanging out with your buds on the weekend? Try one of our ultra-flexible fabrics, which hold structure and keep you looking sharp while feeling so comfortable that you’ll think you’re getting away with something. Long or short, slim, straight or relaxed, ripped or sharp, we’ve got pants for everyone. And we look forward to making your life easier for a long, long time.

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