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Smart 360 Tech™
Smart 360 Tech™ Pants, Straight Fit
All Seasons Tech™
Original Khaki Pants All Seasons Tech™, Straight Fit
$36.97 $58.00
Deep Depths
Clean Khaki Pants, Straight Fit
$21.97 $58.00
Sometimes, the simple things are the best things. That couldn’t be more true about our khakis. We think every guy should own a pair (or a few pairs) of straight leg pants. This classic silhouette is cut straight from the seat through the thigh, and all the way down to the ankle. It’s a timeless style with a classic look and total styling versatility. Because it’s roomy enough for comfort and mobility, you’ll want to wear it over and over (and honestly – you probably will).

Our straight leg khaki pants work for a range of body types, and that’s why they’re so popular. This basic style looks and feels good for guys of different builds and sizes, so no matter your physique, the straight fit will probably work for you and become an easy go-to pick for daily wear. Every guy needs options like that – and whether you’re dressing in a rush, looking for classic style, or just don’t want to fuss too much over getting dressed, this silhouette is a safe choice.

Just because it’s a straight fit doesn’t mean it’s plain; we have so many more than one, in all the colors you would need. In our mission to create quality straight leg pants for men, we infused our assortment with plenty of special features and technologies. After all, so many guys like them, and we wanted to provide options for all the needs and demands of your lifestyles.

In terms of technology, Smart 360 Flex™ is unmatched for comfort. This is 4-way stretch for game-changing comfort that also maintains its durability. We also threw in a stretchy waistband for all-day comfort and unparalleled mobility.

Many of our straight leg pants are also made with All Seasons Tech™. Think of this as built-in climate control for your pants, to keep you comfortable in both warm and cool temperatures. With this technology, you can enjoy classic style throughout the seasons, making easy style even easier. Who knew?

To keep the easy trend going in our straight leg khaki pants, we made several pairs with a special finish that keeps them smooth and wrinkle-free. That means you can ditch the iron and stay looking sharp and put-together all day, while keeping it comfortable and classic.

While the straight fit may be a more neutral style, we think that’s what makes it so special. The simple and instantly recognizable style pairs with just about any shirt and jacket, and is ready to go.

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