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Khaki Manual / Garment Features / Buttons & Zippers

Dockers® Clothing

Buttons & Zippers

What makes your clothes stay closed.

Corozo Button

Sustainable, durable, and natural, corozo buttons are made from a nut that’s harvested when it falls naturally from the tree.

French Fly

A hidden closure, usually at the waist of dressier styles, that helps the front of your pants lie flat. It helps take the pressure of the zipper while making you look slimmer and sharper.

Hook & Bar

An alternative to a button closure, once the hook slots into the bar, you’ve got yourself a clean, minimal way to close your pants. It’s a common feature on men’s dress pants.


An opening in a top, finished with buttons or a zipper. Most dress shirts have a full-length placket, while more casual shirts for men (i.e. henleys) feature a partial placket.

Shank Button

Shank buttons are the kinds of buttons that don’t have holes in them, but instead feature a loop underneath. The loop creates extra room so that when you button up, the cloth underneath has all the space it needs. This type of button is often found above the zipper of your khakis.


A device used for fastening clothing, usually consisting of two toothed tracks and a tab that either interlocks or separates them when pulled. Most men's pants feature a zip closure.