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Shirt Collars & Necklines

Shirt Collars & Necklines

The details count when they’re on top.

Banded Collar

A small “band” or “tab” of fabric that stands straight up. Sometimes referred to as a “stand collar” or a “mandarin collar,” they tend to look minimal and dignified, and add sharp detail to men’s jackets and shirts.

Boat Neck

A classic nautical style, this neckline runs as straight as possible and parallel to the collarbone.

Button-Down Collar

These collars feature little buttons to secure the points at the bottom to the shirt and keep them in place. A classic and common feature on button up shirts.

Crew Neck

A round, classic, collarless neckline that fits snugly at the base of the neck.

Hanger Loop/Locker Loop

This little fabric loop, usually found right under the inner label of a garment, exists so that you can hang it on a hook without stretching anything that’s tailored to fit you.


These are the long folded flaps that you’ll see on the front of most blazers and some jackets. Think of lapels as a continuation of a coat collar that expresses your personal style.

Mock Neck

A high collar that goes all the way around the neck and is not folded down. Perfect for those who don’t want to commit to a full turtleneck.

Notch Lapel

Named for the small, triangular “notch” that appears to be taken out of them, notch lapels are the most classic lapel out there.

Peak Lapel

Named for the peak it creates, the peak lapel juts out from the collar and often appears a little higher on a blazer. In the world of suits, peak lapels are considered a little more over-the-top than their notched cousins.

Point Collar

Smaller, closer together, and pointing straight down, point collars are the shirt collar standard.

Shawl Collar

A rolled collar and lapel that falls in one piece and curves from the back of the neck down to the front closure, the shawl collar is associated with fancier dress and debonair guys.

Spread Collar

These two segments of the collar are spread wide apart and point away from each other. They’re great for layering under knitwear, like crewneck sweaters.


A high, close-fitting collar, often rolled or turned down, that often appears on pullover sweaters. It’s perfect for cold weather.


A V-shaped neckline in the front of a shirt. Great for showing off chest hair, but don’t take it too deep.