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Khaki Manual / Dockers® Clothing / Dockers® Technology

Dockers® Clothing

Dockers® Technology

Our exclusive, ground-breaking fabrics and efficiently designed features.

All Motion Comfort Waistband

This exclusive Dockers® technology gives you up to 2” of extra stretch, for the ultimate in comfort.

All Seasons Tech

This dual-action thermoregulating fabric keeps you warm when it's cold and cool when it's warm.

DuraFlex Lite

Super lightweight with maximum durability, this fabric feels lighter and is made to last longer — wear after wear, wash after wash.


Short for Durable Water Repellent, this is a water-resistant chemical coating usually found in our outerwear.

Flex Waistband

This exclusive Dockers® waistband has extra, ultra-flexible stretch for extra comfort.

Individual Fit® Waistband

This exclusive Dockers® technology gives you up to 1” of extra stretch, for added comfort when you need it.

Lux Cotton Stretch

This fabric has next-level smoothness and sheen, but still has stretch for comfort and performance. In other words, it’s stretch fabric that doesn’t look stretchy.

Never Iron

This custom fabric is ultra crease-resistant, so you can put that iron away for good.

No Wrinkle® Technology

This specially developed fabric doesn't crease easily, so you can enjoy those khakis hassle-free.

Shirt Gripper

This internal band, found at the waist, grips the edge of a tucked shirt, keeping it in place for long periods of time. A very convenient addition to your business casual attire.

Smart Series

Our innovative suite of market-leading fabric technologies. From unbelievable comfort and unstoppable flexibility to durability that doesn't quit, Smart Series is our what we call all of our smartest fabric innovations.

Smart 360 Flex

Game changing 4-way stretch to keep you ready for anything. With added features like Flexible Waistband, Hidden Security Pocket, and No Wrinkles, Smart 360 Flex gives comfort like never before.

Smart 360 Tech

Where sport meets khaki, this fabric has 4-Way Stretch and wicking properties to help you stay in the game with high performance features and unrivaled comfort.

Supreme Flex

With next-level flexibility, superior comfort, and remarkable recovery, this fabric is ready for action, no matter the opportunity.


When something has “moisture wicking” properties, that means it draws moisture away from the body.

2-Way Stretch

Fabric that stretches in one direction, usually horizontally.

4-Way Stretch

Fabric that stretches horizontally and vertically, never holding you back.