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Khaki Manual / Fabric / Finishes & Washes

Dockers® Clothing

Finishes & Washes

Special treatments and processes for our fabrics.

Garment Dye

This means the entire garment is dyed as one piece, after being constructed. This ensures rich color and a soft, broken-in feel. Due to this unique process, each piece is usually slightly different.

Knitted Cloth

Made from one continuous thread, knits typically have the ability to stretch all over.


A treatment that makes fabric soft and gives it a fine, velvety finish, like peach skin.

Pigment Dye

This special coloring process results in a naturally distressed look that fades with repeated use, like denim.

Plain Weave

The simplest and most common textile weave. Made by passing each horizontal yarn over and under each vertical yarn, this fabric tends to be dense and smooth.


Something that’s slubbed is brushed to create tiny knots and achieve a napped texture and softer feel.


If a fabric is waxed, it’s given a coating that makes it more resistant to moisture. Often, waxed fabrics need to be waxed occasionally in order to keep them in top shape. This is a popular feature in outdoors-oriented jackets for men.

Woven Cloth

Made out of multiple yarns crossing each other and creating a criss-cross pattern, woven cloth usually provides depth to a look.