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Khaki Manual / Fabric / Leather

Dockers® Clothing


What our belts, shoes, and wallets are made of.

Burnished Leather

A type of leather finish that’s buffed for extra polish and an antique appearance.

Crazyhorse Leather

This means that Dockers® has taken full grain leather and applied special waxes that enhance the natural texture of the surface. As it gets rubbed or scratched, the color will change, achieving a more rustic look.

Faux Leather

Boasts the refined look of leather, with less maintenance.

Full Grain Leather/Top Grain Leather

The highest grade of leather available, this is meant for long term wear and known for its tight-grained natural texture, which provides durability and moisture resistance. Best of all, it ages handsomely over time to develop a rich patina with a smoother finish, deeper color, and fine sheen that’s unique to you. This is often used in premium pieces meant to last for years, like belts and wallets.

Nubuck Leather

This leather is buffed to produce a slightly napped texture and smooth, suede-like feel.

Oiled Leather

Coated with oil for a softer feel and increased moisture resistance, this leather develops traces of wear and character after short-term use.

Patent Leather

Leather coated with a distinctive polish for a glossy, reflective finish. It makes an instant statement, and is often seen in men’s dress shoes.

Pull-Up Leather

Infused with oils and waxes for a natural look, this leather looks exceptionally unique with prolonged wear. That’s because when it’s stretched or pulled, the oils move within the material, resulting in varied hues and tones.

Split/Blended/Bonded Leather

A mix of natural and synthetic leathers.

Tumbled Leather

This leather is gently scraped with pebbles for added texture and softness.

Waxed Leather

This leather is treated with a wax coating, for a glossy finish.

Vachetta Leather

This raw and unfinished leather is extremely lightweight and thin, but durable.