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All Seasons Tech™
Original Khaki Pants All Seasons Tech™, Tapered Fit
$39.99 $58.00
Dockers Khaki
Duraflex Lite™ Shorts, Straight Fit
$29.99 $58.00
Nighttide Blue Plaid
All Seasons Tech™
Jean Cut Pants All Seasons Tech™, Straight Fit
$39.99 $58.00
Deep Depths

Meet Dockers® Smart Series™ — clothes that are flexible, practical and versatile. They're our most advanced fabrics with innovations designed for today. Breakthrough comfort and brilliant flexibility made to last. Smart Series™ clothing is ahead of its class with plenty to spare. Smart details, smart innovations, smart comfort. It’s nothing short of genius. In a world where we have smartphones, smart cars, smart homes, it only makes sense that we have smart clothes, and more importantly smart pants. Pants crafted for the 21st century and the entrepreneurial spirit, giving you the confidence you need to be successful in life by making you as comfortable as possible, we introduce the Smart Series™ collection. On the outside, they just may be pants, but on the inside, they adapt to your surroundings, turn the mundane into fundane, and hustle just as hard as you do. The only smart clothing you'll need is a pair from Dockers®.

Try All Seasons Tech™ Khakis, a year-round staple for Smart Series™ clothes. Keeping you comfortable in cold and warm weather, your trusted khakis just got more versatile. Dockers® Original Khaki with All Seasons Tech™ is the quintessential khaki for all seasons. Sorry jeans, there’s a new khaki in town. Try Jean Cut with All Seasons Tech™ which gives comfort and versatility to keep you ready for anything all year. Stay cool and classic every day with five pockets and rugged construction.

Supreme Flex™ Khakis can't be stopped and knows no boundaries with unstoppable flexibility, unbelievable comfort, and remarkable recovery. This Dockers® Smart Series™ pants includes the alpha khaki style which picks up where your favorite jeans leave off. Alpha Khaki with Supreme Flex™ is ready for action, no matter the opportunity. They also feel like pajamas; the only difference is that you won't get judged wearing them outside of the house. Supreme Flex khakis are one of the only khakis with a button fly for added style and durability allowing you to go from business casual to happy hour.

Smart 360 Flex™ Khakis are ready for anything. The Dockers® Smart Series™ option that’s now available in all of your favorite styles - Alpha, Downtime, Workday, Jogger and Jean Cut. You name it, 360 Stretch handles it. It’s khaki that moves like never before. New directions for movement, new frontiers for comfort. All with a level of durability once considered impossible. Engineered with four-way stretch these smart khakis allow you to do whatever activity without feeling constricted. The waistband flexes, gives, rebounds, and scores. Security pockets keep what’s important from coming untethered. Because when your khaki moves like this, the sky really is the limit.

We know that choosing your style of Dockers® Smart Series™ clothing is difficult. Try all of them if you like, or read more about them in our Smart Series™ Product Spotlight. Whichever pant you choose to go with, you won’t be disappointed. These game-changing, ready for anything khakis are nothing short of genius.